Q. Will eating bricks affect uterus?



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I am a 26 year old female. Will eating bricks affect uterus? I do not have any side effects other than early periods. In the last two cycles my periods were five days earlier. Please explain.





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  • People eat chalk piece or brick or sand due to the craving on it. This is due to anemia.
  • Your hemoglobin (Hb) should be estimated and iron therapy should be given.
  • Eating bricks never harm you and never affect the uterus system. But, it may lead to infection and diarrhea. If the brick contains metals from the soil for example – aluminium, silica, etc., that lead to metal toxicity.
  • The altered periods are due to the iron deficiency and not because of brick eating. You can take Punarnavadi mandur tablet two tablets in the morning and two in the evening, which is around 6 Am and 6 PM to improve hemoglobin.

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