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Hi doctor,

I snore and wake up tired daily. Sometimes, my nose is runny all day. I have attached my CT report for your reference. I just wanted to know if surgery necessary. Will it benefit me? Please explain.





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Your CT scan (attachment removed to protect patient identity) concludes that you have retention cyst inside both maxillary sinuses and the right frontal sinus.

Retention cysts form when fluid collections in the sinuses get covered with a mucus lining.

These cysts produce nasal symptoms of obstruction or running nose, which can cause a blocked nose in the night and thus mouth breathing.

Mouth has lot of soft tissues (unlike the nose) which vibrate while breathing and produce snoring sound.

Yes, you will get benefit from surgery. An endoscopic clearance of the pathological sinuses will remove your nasal symptoms and help you breathe through the nose at all times including at night by avoiding mouth breathing and snoring.

For further information consult an ENT otolaryngologist online –> https://www.dr.sitehome.info/ask-a-doctor-online/ENT-Otolaryngologist

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