Q. Will kidney infection cause back pain?



Hello doctor,

I went to the ER two days ago due to excruciating pain in my back, which I thought was caused by herniated disc. I have received a steroid injection and pain medication. This morning I noticed the pain has moved upward towards my kidneys. Could this be a kidney infection? Please note that this pain was the worst I ever experienced. I was in tears for two days. Please help me.





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  • Such immediate terrible pain might be caused by both herniated disc and urinary tract problems such as kidney stones, urinary tract infection, etc.
  • Have you done any tests or examinations in the ER (emergency room)?
  • I would suggest you a few simple examinations to come closer to the real cause.  
  1. Direct x-ray of the spine and urinary tract.
  2. Abdominal and urinary tract ultrasound examination.
  3. Complete urine count too would give a lot of information.
  • The treatment consists in painkillers in both cases, but additional different drugs are used in each case.

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