Q. Will scratching a mole affect the biopsy report?



Hi doctor,

Six weeks ago, I noticed a mole on my back. There was no itching or redness. But, I scratched it and went to the Urgent Care Clinic. The doctor said it looked like an irritated nevus. Then, during a shower it came off completely and left a flat area. Within a few weeks, it reappeared. Now, it is smaller of about 2 mm and dark brown in color. I went to a dermatologist and explained everything. The doctor said it was a little irregular. He said since he had not seen it before, he could not say if the irregularity was how it healed after scarring or if it was worrisome of something else. So, he did a shave and sent for biopsy. Now, I wonder if I have screwed up the histology by irritating it. Is the fact that it came back very fast, from nothing to a little dark mole within 3 weeks or so worrisome? I have at least a week to wait and I am freaking out a little.





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I have read your query and concern.

  • Scratching or healing would not affect the outcome of the biopsy.
  • In a biopsy for making a diagnosis of BCC (basal cell carcinoma) we need to see basaloid cells with a peripheral palisading arrangement and each cell nuclei for staining properties or abnormal mitosis, which would not get affect by altered clinical pictures.
  • Most probably in your case it seems to be benign and not a cancerous one.

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